PhD (Biochem) writes reviews/summary docs for FAIR FEE

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PhD (Biochem) writes reviews/summary docs for FAIR FEE Empty PhD (Biochem) writes reviews/summary docs for FAIR FEE

Post  r33ls on Wed Dec 11, 2013 3:29 am

Hello, this is not intended to be 'spam'.  Quickly, a bit about me: I am a biochem PhD, educated at 4 elite universities in North America but have been unable to continue with my full-time career path for some time now for reasons I could disclose with some mutual trust.  As a result, I am currently able to offer my research and consulting skills to those who may need, or benefit from, my expertise.  

What is that expertise exactly?  Specifically, I have a well-honed ability to identify and summarize complex, technical yet relevant, scientific literature into more readily-digested language for those of you who feel such a service would be of assistance.  My background, scientific pursuits and their comprehension are quite diverse; however, I would say my area of expertise falls largely under the umbrella of: medical literature.  Specifically, I am trained in the general field of biochemistry / molecular-biology (genetics) with an emphasis (direct experience and extensive work) on cancer, diabetes, HIV (and signal transduction/G-PCRs), cellular biology, radiation and its affect on human biology.  

I take an extremely thorough, objective and critical approach to assimilating, interpretating and succinctly presenting the most current and relevant topics within any context you require.  If the info is out there, I will find it!  My 15+ years of navigating primary, peer-reviewed literature/studies/databases will save you countless hours, days or weeks of investigation.  Not only that, but my strong suit is my analytical, critical mind which enables me to spot the strongest scientific studies as well as being able to filter or scale the influence of research which is weaker in design, has lost significance over time, or which needs to be considered within the context of possible conflicts between sources of funding and results.  Spotting conflicts of interest between promising studies (or those with a controversial, questionable stance) and either their financial backing, or political climates, are some things that are not usually readily apparent; however, I have developed a somewhat intuitive feel for identifying such ethical phenomena (i.e. researching these matters can often be considered a field of study in their own right - ethics).  

Basically, if you need an experienced hand that will not quit until every stone has been overturned and you are satisfied that you are now well-informed, I am the one you should talk to!  I am reasonable, approachable and fair.  

moleculrbio@ /g//m/a/i/l//c/o/m (no, that's not a typo; there is no 'a' in my handle, it's moleculrbio at g....)

P.S. For academics/industry: I offer editing services, graphic-design (table and figure development; symposium poster design; power-point presentations, animations), technical document writing (hand-written lab-books to digital); data-analyses, protocol-design/development and troubleshooting; lab start-up design, lab budget-analysis (find the wasted dollars in ever-tightening life-science budget constraints), grad-student mentoring or project design / proposal editing, fellowship application editing and so forth. If it's not being done on "the bench", I can do it from here.


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